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Welcome to NP-MRD Version 1.0

   NP-MRD (Beta) is still undergoing development. Please feel free to explore and use the database. But the interface is still being refined and the deposition might be slow. Please provide us with your feedback.

The NP-MRD is a freely available cloud-based, user-friendly, FAIR electronic database. NP-MRD accepts NMR data and associated metadata from newly undertaken NP studies. The NP-MRD accepts raw (time domain data, processed spectra, assigned chemical shifts, J-couplings, RDCs, etc.), and meta-data (structures, sources, methods, taxonomy, geospatial data, etc) from natural products ranging from purified substances to crude extracts, in all major solvents. The NP-MRD include NPs such as vitamins, minerals, and probiotics as well as small molecules derived from plants, fungi, bacteria, marine organisms, or animals. The NP-MRD accepts, converts, and stores all major vendor NMR formats and all major NMR data exchange formats from all common NMR experiments as well as new/uncommon NMR experiments or data sets. The NP-MRD have an intuitive user interface for spectra/structure deposition, retrieval, search, and analysis. Data deposition is fast (<5 min/per spectrum), easy and intuitive, and aided by online assignment and online spectra/structure visualization tools. Structure and assignment validation reports are generated within 5 minutes of deposition and value-added data reports are provided to users within 24 hrs of deposition, including high-quality DFT calculations of chemical shifts for a deposited structure. Data integrity and data quality are ensured by extensive curation efforts and the use of an objective ranking scale for all deposited data.